Created in 2009, "Saint Nicolay" is a sports club which unifies two sections: section "Yachting" Sofia and section "Underwater fishing" Shabla.

The Club has the ambition of developing the two types of sports activities represented in the main sections not only as sport events with participation in Bulgarian and international regattas and contests in underwater fishing, but also as a training program which is varied and aimed predominantly at children and teenagers.

Application for club membership is made in writing and is paid annually. It is renewed by mutual agreement on the date of expiry of the current 12 month period. All new demands for membership are reviewed once per month at a meeting of the club Management Committee and the newly accepted members are notified in writing by the Club Secretary.

Every newly accepted member must have agreed to respect the club’s Statute and receives a ‘welcome’ package consisting of a club membership card, the necessary technical information and all current rules and regulations which are valid when using the equipment, the club fleet and other resources of the club.