About the Club - Membership Program

Everybody who wants to become a member of the Club Saint Nicolay, has to fill in a written demand addressed to the Management Council and deposit it in the Club Secretariat.

The candidate has to have one written recommendation by somebody who holds current membership, and no member has the right to recommend more than five candidates per year.

All demands by new members are reviewed once per month by the Management Council meeting and the newly accepted members are notified in writing by the Club Secretary.

Each new member agrees with the terms of the Club Statutes and receives a ‘Welcome’ package which contains a club card, the necessary technical information and all the current rules and regulations valid for the use of the equipment, the club fleet and other club resources.

The policy for acceptance of new members in the club is based mainly on their practical experience and the knowledge each candidate has in the field of sailing, the navigation and maintenance of yachts. In addition to that there is additional requirements the candidate to explain why he wants to become member of the club and to describe how he would contribute to the club’s development and it’s activities.

Please when preparing the written demand state the following information:

For more information please contact Stefan Stefanov on email: secretary@stnikolay.org.